ASSET RECORDS – 2020 Production, Distribution and Promotion Services

Asset Records – Independent Record Label

Asset Records - Production, Distribution & Promotion Services
Asset Records
Production, Distribution and Promotion Services

Independent record label founded by Diego Soddu in 2020 and managed with one goal: to have artistic freedom and not to follow the majors’ policies.

It is a commercial brand specialized in the production, distribution and promotion of music and videos in any format (CDs, cassettes, vinyls, but above all with digital distribution)

Asset Records works autonomously, outside the large multinational corporations and without links to other industries on the distribution of production.

The online distribution through Asset Records, and the consequent sale of the songs contained therein, is innovative compared to the classic method of printing, which is now almost completely obsolete. The advantage is twofold: an overall reduction in costs (saving on physical printing and distribution in the stores of the product) and a greater income for the artists, through the “upload” method.

In fact, there is no limit to the number of daily uploads that each user can do. The greater the number of songs loaded, the greater the possibility of profit. It is for this reason that Asset Records can be equated to a real shop in which the hypothetical profit has no limits.

The major world music portals on which Asset Records distributes its works are iTunes and Spotify.

To date, there is no lawsuit filed against any of these online portals due to the right of the musical royalties which are regularly updated and which also indicate the place of origin of each single download, unlike many Societies of Authors and Publishers who often incur cases, or millionaires with their members who fail to pay the established percentages.

The label’s project is to ensure maximum commitment for the best result on artistic distributions.

Diego Soddu – Founder of Asset Records

ASSET RECORDS – 2020 Production, Distribution and Promotion Services

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